On February 16th, a record number of fighters participated in the first joint MMA championship in Almaty. The championship was attended by 230 of the strongest fighters from all parts of Kazakhstan, following regional qualification battles.

The first winner at the First Combined MMA Championship of Kazakhstan was Bagdat Zhubanysh from Aktobe, who won according to the judge’s decision Atyrau fighter Yerulan Kabdulov in the 52.2 kg weight category.

Next in the octagon were the girls in the weight category up to 47.6 kg. Last year’s Kazakhstan champion Ayan Tursyn from the Almaty region was able to confirm her status by re-taking first place in the final bout against Akerka Paluanova from Mangistau.

In the final of the 56.7 kg weight category, Darkhan Umirbekov from Akmola region used a rare “Peruvian tie” choke, forcing his opponent from Atyrau to surrender.

In the fight in the weight category up to 52.2 kg between the East Kazakhstan representative Shynar Zhussupova, and Nurzhamal Sadykova from West Kazakhstan, the athlete from East Kazakhstan overpowered her rival with a choke.

Olzhas Moldagaliyev became the triple champion of Kazakhstan in the bantamweight category up to 61.2 kg, defeating the Aktobe fighter Dastan Amangeldy. The bout lasted for three rounds and resulting in a unanimous decision for the Atyrau fighter.

Two fighters from East Kazakhstan, Darina Abylgazova and Assem Zhakenova met in the final fight for the  56.7 kg and Zhakenova defeated her opponent by the decision of judges.

Almaty fighter Elaman Shalkimbekov showed true character, winning a  difficult duel in the featherweight category (up to 65.8 kg) against last year’s champion Anatoliy Zolotykh. This represented sweet revenge for Shalkimbetov, who last year lost to Zolotykh in the final.

Spectators waited for the thrilling match for the girls in the weight category up to 61.2 kg between Sora Rakhmonova from the Karaganda region and Nursaule Sarkhad from East Kazakhstan. However, the Karaganda fighter managed to outclass her opponent from the first few seconds, so the red corner was forced to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

Two Karaganda residents Neimat Assadov and Vitaliy Radionov have been fighting at the highest level for several years already, but Assadov once again proved that he has no equal in the 70.3kg and underweight category finishing the fight by technical knockout.

In the weight category up to 65.8 kg, Almaty representative Antonina Kotlyarevskaya met Aizhan Abdykadyr, representing the Zhambyl region. The Almaty fighter did not give any chances to her rival and won the fight by technical knockout

The hottest and most competitive fight turned out to be between the representative of the Almaty region, Zhan Kenzhebayev and the Aktobe fighter Aydin Tolepbaev at welterweight (up to 77.1kg). The momentum went from one fighter to the other, but judges gave the victory by unanimous decision to Tolepbaev.

In the 70.3 kg category, Talshyn Zhumataeva, a fighter from East Kazakhstan, won the final match, using a choke hold in the third round against her rival from the Aktobe region, Sagyndykova Kundias.

The middleweight fight ( up to 83.9 kg) was called off due to the injury of Madi Dosmukhametov from the Almaty region, so Alexander Val from Astana became the champion in this weight category.

A real battle unfolded in the  93 kg and under the category, between two of last year’s champions – Karaganda’s Zelemkhan Humaidov and Shymkent representative Serik Abirov. The victory went to Abirov, using the painful “elbow lever”.

The heavyweight bout did not take place, so Alexander Dya of Almaty became champion of Kazakhstan, and Eldar Kudarov from West Kazakhstan took second place.

In the over 120.2 kg weight category, Rasul Khataev of the Pavlodar region became champion.

After the final fights, representatives from the Association of Martial Arts, namely Vice-President of the Association Zharaspayev Serik, Secretary General of the Association Amankulov Farhat, as well as General Director of the Association Imambayev Abat, awarded the participants their awards on behalf of the association. Zhan Kenzhebayev and Aydin Tolepbayev were awarded the prize for the most exciting fight. Olzhas Moldagaliev was awarded for having the best technique, while the award for the will to win went to Dastan Amangeldy.

An award was also given to the Kazakhstan Joint Federation of Mixed Martial Arts.